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We are dedicated in providing professional IVA service for domestic and commercial customers. We realise our client’s needs and offer tailor-made services depending on the situation.

Our IVA Services

An (IVA) is a flexible contract with creditors based on an individual’s own circumstances. With the help of our services, you can

  • Write off up to 85% of debt.
  • Stop the interest & charges.
  • Legally stop the creditors from contacting you.
  • Avoid dealing with your creditors.
  • One affordable payment.
  • Be Debt Free in a very short time.

We have a team of professional lawyers, accountants, and financial experts to help you in suggesting an arrangement to make affordable payments into an IVA fund. We feel proud to work with you to secure your future when you are in difficult financial crisis.

The Process

The process is quite simple. You have to decide an affordable monthly payment and make it to skilled legal professional who then pays it to the creditor as per your IVA agreement.
You have to continue doing this for 60 months and at the end of the term any owed amount is written off. No need to deal directly with annoying creditors any more as we are here to do everything for you.

Is IVA Right for you?

You are eligible to apply for an IVA if

  • You are £5,000 or more in debt
  • You are employed or self employed
  • There are at least 2 separate creditors
  • You have an income around £70 before making the payment of debts each month

The Benefits for you

  • You are relieved from all financial hassles.
  • The creditors are legally bound and can’t chase you.
  • You will receive a reduction in credit card, loan and other owed amount payments. Instead the consolidated amount will be paid in a single payment.
  • You will pay a major part of the debts easily.
  • You will be able to control your expenses
  • You will be reported on your case’s progress.
  • You will have protection and peace of mind.
  • You will have the security of your career.

IVAs – The Only Way To Become Debt Free

Are you really bothered by the creditors and wish to stop them from calling you. Do you want to keep your possessions especially your home and live a peaceful debt free life?
The answer is definitely yes. Your only solution is IVA, where you will be given a debt free future.

Get Freedom from

  • Bothering phone calls from creditors.
  • Taking loans from friends and family.
  • Unplayable dreadful bills.
  • Payday loans.

How To Apply For IVA?

You can apply for IVA by calling our professional IVA advisors or filling the application form. They will review your cases and offer you the options and guide you properly if an IVA is the right step.

We are always happy to help you!

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Free and Impartial Debt Advice is Also Available From: Money Advice Service is an independent website. This website was developed to help people finding debt help. The information published on this website should be considered professional information. The written off amount depends on the circumstances including assets, income and the recent write-off policy of your creditors.

Write-off between 25 and 85 percent are real, but it depends on your repay ability. For an IVA solution, you complete a form including your details of assets, income and most essential expenses. It is possible that after completion of 5 year’s IVA time period, your creditors may write off your remaining amount.